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Evaluation of a Multi-Disciplinary Headache in Pregnancy Symposium as an OB/GYN Learning Tool
Stacey Gold, MD, David Jaspan, DO, & and Jay Goldberg, MD, MSCP
Delivery of the Posterior Arm as the Initial Maneuver to Relieve Shoulder Dystocia Increased Neonatal Humeral Fractures
Stacey Gold, MD, Daniel Hirsch, MD, David Schutzman, MD, Meesha Sharma, MD,  Chase White, MD, Arnold Cohen, MD, David Jaspan, DO, & Jay Goldberg, MD
Pregnancies Lost and Found: Improving Follow up for Patients with Suspected Ectopic Pregnancies
Latteman, L.,  Hosein, S., Leung, A., Garber, L., Paoletti, A., Gurney, E.P.