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Do antenatal steroids benefit all late preterm gestations? 
Ahmed Elsaie, Mary Elizabeth Pease, Mariam Taleb, Samia Aleem,  Agnes Salvador, & Gail Cameron
Steady-State Cognitive Function and Pain Severity in Youth with Sickle Cell Disease
Eman A Abdelghani, MD, Nataly Apollonsky, MD,  Bruce Bernstein, & Reem Tarazi, PhD, ABPP
Screening for Neonatal Hypoglycemia in Breastfeeding Infants Increases Risk of Supplementation
Maheswari Ekambaram MD, Matilde Irigoyen MD, Andrew Paoletti MS, & Iqra Siddiqui
Head CT in Children Undergoing Lumbar Puncture (LP) For Suspected Meningitis: Experience from an Urban Tertiary-Care Children's Hopsital
Saba Fatima, Molly Taylor, Andrew Paoletti, Eric Thompson, Nora Esteban Cruciani
Comparison of End Tidal Carbon Monoxide versus Direct Antibody Test in the Management of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia
Ahmed ElSaie, Annano Zangaladze, Annarita Nicosia, Elizabeth Pease, Mariam Taleb, Krystel Newton, & David L. Schutzman
Potential Clinical Application of Point-of-Care Bilirubin
Binding Capacity (BBC) in Care of Stable and Unstable Neonates

Schutzman, David L., Bhutani, Vinod K., Cuadrado, Martin, Lamola, Angelo,  Frantz, Ivan, Obregon, Evelyn, & Wong, Ronald  J.
Immature RBC Indices and Jaundice in Neonates with ABO Isoimmunization
Michael Janeczko, MD, Kristin Leister, MD, & Andrew Paoletti, MS
Predictors of Hypoglycemia in Infants of Mothers with Pre-Gestational Diabetes
Maheswari Ekambaram MD, Anastasia Mikhno MD, Raghava Kavalla MD, Molly Taylor MD, & Gail Cameron MD